A Special Resolution will propose the following changes the Constitution Problem with current (Model) constitution
Memberships The committee accepts all properly made membership applications unless there is a compelling reason to reject one – in which case the applicant will be notified. Membership applications need to be submitted to and determined by the committee; and the committee to notify the applicant in writing whether it is approved or rejected. This does not happen in reality.
  Membership fees are due when submitting the annual membership form Not specified
  A membership may cease if:
– the annual fee is not paid within 3 months of the due date or by another date determined by the committee, or
– the person fails to complete the annual membership form by a date determined by the committee
Membership has a strict cut-off date of 3 months after payment due date and doesn’t allow for the committee to determine an alternate reasonable cut -off date for certain circumstances   It doesn’t cater for an annual membership renewal form
Committee Nominations for committee positions are accepted before or at the AGM; and vacancies will be filled at the AGM   It doesn’t fully line up with how our committee is decided at AGMs
  Increase the maximum number of committee members to 9 The current maximum is 7. We can always do with some extra helping hands, so we’d like to increase the limit.
Financial Year Change the financial year date to start on 1 December and end on 30 November of the following year.     The current FYE in the Constitution is 31 June, meaning the AGM must be held no later than 31 December. In recent years, AGMs have been held in January which does not meet technically meet requirements. Note that: 
(1) SBB have sought extensions for FYE from Fair Trading in recent years (2) the 2020 FYE appears to be 31 December, meaning the AGM must be after 1 Jan 2021. The proposed new financial year end of 30 November allows enough time for the yearly Financial Statement to be prepared and received at the AGM; and that the AGM can be held in December or January.
Life Membership Recognise life membership and waive the annual membership fee. Note that life membership is the highest honour and will not be offered lightly. The committee may give a life membership to a member who has: (1) provided outstanding service and contributed significantly to the operation of the club over a long period of time (2) been a positive force in the club and respected by members No recognition of life membership