Great Team Southbridge Result on Weekend

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A huge shout out to our 2 Southbridge tag teams on the weekend.

Both our teams won their respective 1st rounds and went straight through to the final.

A closely fought final between our two teams, Werri and Scarborough saw us come out with a 2nd and a 4th place.

A huge thank you to our team and their families that spent the day at Port Kembla.

Our representative groms were (As per left to right in the pic)

Aidan Gallagher, Flynn Hodges, Sandom Langlands, Kash Smith, Tyla Hurst, Josh Marsh, Heath Tani, Oceanna Rogers, Lennix Smith, Charli Hurst.

Also a special thanks to our little super supporter Torren Smith (also pictured) who also helped with board retrevials.

We couldn’t be any prouder of our team and thank you all for your awesome efforts on the weekend.