About A Grade
You may have heard that we’re gunna run a new A-Grade Club Championship series in March, June and July* and hopefully score some cracking conditions on our best breaks in Shellharbour! A wider contest window over the last two weekends of these months gives us a good chance for some great waves.

Check out this vid for more info about A and B Grade championships and our Events Calendar for the contest days.

* we’ll aim for a bonus 4th round in tandem with one our regular pointscores

How do I nominate for A Grade?
You can nominate for A grade when you sign on for your first Club Championship round

A List of A Graders 2021 and past years results below is provided as guide to help you select your grade.

How will A Graders be determined?
Depending on interest, we may have to limit numbers. If so, the committee will work out the final line-up by considering a surfers past results or ability.

How will I know when a A Grade round is likely to run?
We’ll keep watch during the lead up to each weekend of a championship window and let everyone know mid-week on our socials if conditions look promising for the upcoming Sat or Sun.

As usual, we’ll make the final call early on the day.

Why is A Grade limited?
The A-Grade field may need to be limited so we don’t bomb our busy premium breaks all day long with our full club field and p#@$ off the locals!

It’s kinda like the WSL CT concept, where the series is held on prime breaks with a smaller number of surfers.

It’s also an incentive to lure higher-level surfers to our club and strengthen our competitive stocks. But we haven’t forgotten our B-Graders, who will have their own championship series with more heats and surf time without the rippers. It’s a win-win for everyone!