The Southbridge Committee worked hard behind the scenes to gain a new licence and access to most surf breaks in Shellharbour LGA. We’ll stay mobile in 2022 and get EVERYONE into the best possible conditions on our comp days!


*** Our rippers having a wider contest window for the A-Grade championship rounds, to improve chances of scoring epic days on our more serious breaks such as Cowries

*** B-Graders having their own championship rounds where they can surf all the way to the finals

***Juniors can surf the best sheltered breaks and score fun, clean conditions

*** Club Camaraderie Tag Team Day at Nov Pointscore


MONTHLY POINTSCORES Seniors + Juniors: 2nd SUNDAY of month from Feb to Nov

B-GRADE CHAMPIONSHIPS: 2nd SUNDAY of month from Feb to Nov (3-4 rounds max)

A-GRADE CHAMPIONSHIP: March, June and July – either 2nd or 3rd Saturday or Sunday

Don’t stress, we’ve got all the dates plugged into our 2022 Events Calendar so you won’t miss the action!

Also check out our 2022 contest plan below or download the pdf here