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About the contest

Event: Aloha Manly Junior Teams Event Presented by Hurley
Dates:   Tuesday 6th / Wednesday 7th October 2020 .  (8th October back up , only if there are no waves)
Venue:   North Steyne / Queenscliff , back up Curl Curl
Start time:  8am – 4pm
Prize Money :  $10,000.00.    (1st Prize $5000.00 ) , (2nd $ 2000.00 ) , (3rd $1500.00) , (4th $1000.00) , (encouragement award $500)      ( please note all prize money to be paid into club account, the day after event finishes ,please supply details at presentation)
Event Manager: Surfing NSW / Adam Hennessey (0402-471-433) Contest Director:  Adam Huban (Surfing NSW)
Format: Teams of 8 
(2x 12) ( 2x 14 ) (2x 16) (2×18) surfers have to be of age on the day of event (each member surfs once)
Heat Times: 20 minutes

Points Tally.  1st place (4 point )  2nd place ( 3 point ) , 3rd place ( 2 point ) , 4th place ( 1point )
Total points and heat scores will also be tallied for overall placings at event 

# Important note: there will be a 20 minute super heat , if there is a POINTS TALLY tie for the (1st placing only)
Etc , if there are multiple clubs, equal first on the points tally after 8 surfers, this Super Heat will apply, clubs can pick their best surfer, most I’d say would use an 18, but it would be up to the clubs involved.
The thought process regarding this super heat, was more about the changes that can happen in conditions during a day , so we want to have a clear cut winner

Phil Courtney ( Head Judge )  Former Asp Head Judge / Current Surfing. NSW head Judge Drew Courtney (  Current  WSL world tour Australia  judge and Qs Judge )

Tim  Stuart    Phil Weekes John Rixon 
To Team Managers:
The panel has a lot of experience and it’s important to work with the head judge, all decisions are final , but team managers can ask to speak to the head judge after heat. Please be reminded to show respect and stay calm , within the boundaries of the code of conduct.

Teams  involved

1- Nth Steyne. , 12- Nth Steyne  , 23 , Nth Steyne , 34 , Frenchman’s 15, Frenchman’s 2,6, Avoca ,1 7, Avoca 2 8, Long Reef 1 9, Long Reef 2,10, QBC11, Freshwater 12, Curl Curl 13, North Narrabeen 14 , NASA (Avalon )15, Bondi 16 , Maroubra United 17, Cronulla 18, North Shelly 19, Mereweather 20, Scarborough 21, Sandon Point 22, Southbridge 23, Werrie 24, Boomerang 

# Due to COVID bubble , we couldn’t allow far nth NSW/ QLD clubs in  

Heat Draw information
The Draw will take place at Aloha Manly , at 5pm on Thursday 1st October, I will get multiple club representatives to come down to witness the draw and also post a video on our Facebook page, each team will be given a number (Same as on the list above ), we will put those numbers in a bingo barrel and draw them out .
There will 8 draws, as there are 8 team members
Meaning 6 heats per age surfer per division

# Note team list need to be in by emailed to by 6pm ( Sunday 4th October)
In order of age group   , 12 (surfer 1) 12 , (surfer 2) , 14 (surfer 1) , 14 (surfer 2 ) , 16 ,(surfer 1 ) , 16 ( surfer 2 )18 (surfer 1 ), 18 (surfer 2 )

So we can load them into live heats on the Monday and we will publish on live heats that night – under Aloha Manly Junior Teams Event 

This event is will televised through and  hopefully Facebook 

As well Liveheats, will have scores up on each heat, go to

This event is a non-profit event for North Steyne Boardriders and was put on due to the last of serous competition in 2020 .I will Say at this stage it’s most likely a one off contest and I’ll like to personally thank the clubs for backing it and Surfing NSW for their continued support in the development of grass root surfing within NSW.
Also , A Massive  thank you to local Surf Shop , Aloha Surf Manly for fronting the sponsorship money for the event and the live broadcast.Please encourage your teams to go in to the shop at 44 Pittwater Rd Manly and check out there incredible range of boards and Accessories 
Also, Hurley Australia for presenting this event , and there brand for looking after the next generation.
This event is proudly sponsored by (Aloha Surf Manly ), (Hurley ), ( Open 4) , (Steyne Hotel) , (Dolca Terra ) , (Live Heats) , (Surfing NSW), (North Steyne Boardriders)

# Note, this event is under the NSW State Government COVID Health Guidelines and will be cancelled or postponed if , new laws or recommendations come into place , before the event date.
Please note there will be a COVID Officer there to make sure clubs social distance. we ask all support crew of clubs stay away from there tents to avoid numbers of over 10 in the team area. We encourage all to sit on the beach to support but give team members space. 

We are all hoping to get through this with any problems but such is the state of sport worldwide , u never know 
All entries fees would then be refunded will be refunded is this event is cancelled  

Have a great event everyone and best of luck to u all 
Kind Regards
Dimmy 0402-471-433